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“I want to upskill myself in all things innovation and design.”

Includes one 30-minute introductory call where Ale asks questions and learns a little more about you, understand your current skill set and your future skill wish list. This will be done over Zoom.

Also includes templates used throughout the sessions and a progress report at the end of the 5 weeks with actionable next steps.


Maybe you’ve heard about Design Thinking, Human-Centred Design, Design Sprints or Service Design and wondered what all the fuss is about or have played with them but would like to build your own learning journey once and for all. Or maybe you’ve read some articles, attended some workshops, and still have a hunger to gain a deeper understanding of Innovation, Creative Problem Solving and all that other fun stuff. 

Whatever the case may be, Sqr Up will help you bridge the gap between your current skill set and your future one, all while achieving a new level of knowledge and understanding for innovation. 

No prior knowledge of human-centred design principles are required. However, we recommend having some basic understanding around Design & Innovation and a desire to continue learning.


You will gain newfound resilience in the face of problems, have the confidence to approach challenges in a human-centred way, and have an uncontrollable desire to add to your collection of sticky notes and sharpies (we don’t blame you).

The introductory call will allow us to assess your current knowledge and understand exactly what you hope to get out of our five sessions together. 

We will co-create a personalised learning journey. We will suggest a path and even encourage you to take courses with external organisations. This will open your perspective and deepen your learning even faster.  

The sessions themselves will be offered in a highly personalised approach, ensuring you are learning in a way that’s best suited for you. 

We’ll set (and kick) goals as we go whilst exploring case studies that are relevant to you, sharing research and insights, and providing you with the tools you need to apply these amazing methodologies in your day-to-day.


AUD $650 (ex. GST)


About your coach


Ale Wiecek, Founder and Chief Empathy Officer at Sqr One, is a respected voice in the space of Human-Centred Design, Design Thinking and the Future of Work. Her international roots and multinational experience in Digital Transformation and Innovation have been a vital part of Ale’s 20-year career.

Combining her deep understanding of both empathic and strategic techniques, Ale continues to impress her clients by providing them with measurable solutions to their real-world problems. Ale loves the colour blue, working out (she is one of those lady warriors at the gym), naps, a good book, music (‘Despacito’), French movies, hot dogs, advocating for mental health, travelling, waking up at 4 am and making her bed to perfection every day. 

Over the last few years Sqr One has worked with organisations including Suncorp, TransLink, TMR, Fox Sports, eHealth, Metro North, TUH, ERM Power, Queensland Health, Urban Utilities, Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works, RACQ, Canstar, SIMPRO, Red Eye Apps, Ladbrokes, Flight Centre, Cievents, NSW Finance Services & Innovation, Stockland, Mater Hospital and more.

Please note: 

  • Sqr One-on-One Coaching services are open to all participants around the world. 

  • These services are in “beta” and therefore we ask you to please share candid and constructive feedback throughout your experience. To ensure this, we will schedule feedback checkpoints along the way.

  • All rates are reflective of the early stages of these services and by no means define the quality, maturity or expertise of your coach and the information shared.