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Thanks again for a brilliant workshop, one of the best I’ve ever experienced. It was profoundly helpful and relevant to me in my personal and private life. Dianne Salvador, Maters Hospital Townsville

I just wanted to say thank you again for sharing your knowledge and case studies during the Design Thinking and Customer Journey Mapping workshops - I also really enjoyed how interactive my learning experience was! Rhianna Hewish, Insignia

I enjoyed the pace of the workshop and the abundance of content. Margaret Haynes, RACQ

Thank you, Ale, and Sqr One for leading a fantastic workshop. My brain is exploding and I’m excited to learn more and apply my knowledge methodologies to my job. Roxane, DV’s connect.

Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO defines Design Thinking as “a human-centred approach to innovation that draws from the designer's toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.”

In the present economic model, we know that the models and methods learned and applied used in organisations are no longer relevant for the solution of problems customers expects. We, humans, are moving faster than ever, needing solutions and services that are individualised and created with our needs in mind.

Innovation is not longer a buzz word, but rather a way of being organisations must embrace to tackle business challenges and create new products, services and solutions.

During this two day Design Thinking Bootcamp, we will show you how Design thinking isn’t something left to the creative souls of this world, but rather a tool and a mindset for leaders and organisations to solve wickedly complex problems while staying competitive in the market.

Whether your team is responsible for producing a product, a service, a system, an end to end experience or a process, we will show you how you can use Design Thinking to rally your team around serving the needs of your target users.

In this workshop, you’ll work on a sample project, starting by establishing a deep understanding of your users and their goals. You’ll work with your team to generate a broad set of ideas to apply to the project, evaluating which ideas make the best fit for the user and your business. Finally, you’ll prototype solutions, gathering user feedback along the way.


This two-day Design Thinking Bootcamp will give you a comprehensive understanding of the key techniques of Design Thinking and Human Centred Design principles, while empowering you with innovative customer centric principles and methodologies that will help you drive transformation and change in your organisation.

It will be a hands-on workshop with role-playing, inspiration, creative play and knowledge-sharing so you can walk away see your organisational challenges through a new lense and with a clear idea of how you can help your organisation or team innovate through design thinking.

No prior knowledge on Design Thinking is required, however, we recommend to those having done some Design Thinking with potential advance knowledge to consult with us prior to the experience or book an advance Design Thinking training with us. We will use Human Centred Design, local and international case studies to bring you up to speed in no time.

Attendees will receive Bootcamp materials and soft copies of our presentations, a printed workbook with examples and exercises to take back to your team; and a facilitation starter kit with templates, checklists, and a sample of our favourite workshop supplies.

One hour follow-up coaching call with Ale Wiecek to help you put insights from your Bootcamp experience to work in your organization is also included.

All participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

To provide the most value to all attendees, we have limited the number of participants to 12.

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  • You will feel empowered, inspired and ready to take action the moment you leave.

  • You will have a better understanding of Design Thinking and, so you can implement it in your organisation and even facilitate your very workshops.

  • You will feel confident and prepared to try a few different ideas and be agile in the way you approach your business.

  • You will understand why creating something meaningful for your patients, customers and employees is important and profitable for your business.


We will explore what’s Design Thinking and why is not a plug-in, fit all approach.

  • What’s Design Thinking and its methodology?

  • What are the values of Design Thinking?

  • Tools to better understand your customers and their needs

  • The Design Thinking Toolkit

  • Research methods

  • Design Thinking mindset and skill set

  • Design Thinking modes

  • Prototyping techniques

  • How to use Design Sprint for development?

  • How to engage stakeholders, how to prepare for stakeholder interviews during your innovation project and how and get your Design Thinking project buy in.

  • How to make your Design Thinking project stick and gain momentum

  • Networking opportunities with other attendees to share ideas and best practices


You, your team and anyone interested in upskilling innovation, design thinking and human centred design.

We recommend multidisciplinary teams who are both customer facing and back of office, so the input of the day can be carried out internally later.

Marketing, People & Culture, HR, Customer Experience, Analysists or User Experience professionals who would like a more holistic approach to their projects. Start up Founders and Entrepreneurs can equally benefit from this experience

Anyone passionate about innovation, design thinking and CX, who is willing to do things differently and be more empathetic while getting business results.


Day 1

Remember a day where you took notes like crazy so your hand starting hurting? Day 1 might feel a little the same. On day 1, our goal is to teach you everything we know about Human Centre Design, the fun, the ugly and best tips we have used across our very own projects.

Day 1 will help you build a solid understanding of the Design Thinking methodology and how you can apply it to your specific business challenges. We will make it a little fun and show some ice-breakers you can also use at your own workshops. The day will be structured around our proven step-by-step methodology and using them to drive action.

Give or take, this is what Day 1 will look like:

  • Understand the Design Thinking mindset and methodology

  • Human Centred Design Framework – step by step theory and hands on practice

  • How to reframe the problem from business needs to user goals

  • How to embrace, plan and conduct user research interviews to identify customer goals - practice conducting effective user interviews

  • How to generate insights from user research – hand on activity to recognise common themes in research and identify actionable insights

  • Clarify business objectives and identify underlying assumptions in the project brief

  • Networking, high fives & happy hour

Day 2

Let the fun begin! We will focus on our framework for facilitating a research workshop with ‘customers’. We might go ‘into the wild’ and expose you to every type of research we taught you the day before. Day 2 will consist of more hands on exercises to help you learn by doing. You’ll learn best practices, try out facilitation techniques, and swap war stories with other facilitators-in-training.

Give or take, this is what Day 2 will look like:

  • How to ideate and explore opportunities

  • How to prototype a potential solution to evolve your thinking and evaluate them with potential users

  • How to validate and test your ideas

  • How to gather user feedback to evaluate and refine your solution

  • How to use storytelling to showcase strategic decisions and make your solution stick

  • What happens after the validated solution? The Implementation Process

  • Workshop planning & logistics

  • Reflections, presentations, awards, wrap up & high fives


  • Empathy map Canvas

  • Personas Canvas

  • Research framework

  • Prioritisation Canvas

  • Interview guide

  • Problem framing process

  • Brainstorming Guide

  • Prototyping ideas

  • Validation and feedback guide

  • Much more

/// FAQ’S

Q: Where will the event be hosted?

A: River City Labs. Further instructions will be sent closer to the time.

Q: Do I need previous Design Thinking Experience?

A: Not at all. This workshop is for those wanting to learn or advanced their skills on a hands on classroom environment. We recommend advanced learners to book for our advance training or private sessions.

Q: What should I bring?

A: Yourself, big smiles and an open mind. Feel free to bring your laptop or iPad to take notes or to use during the breaks.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Comfy clothing and shoes are advised, because there will be some standing during practical exercises.

Q: Will the workshop run for the whole day(s)?

A: We generally run to time, but you are, of course, free to leave earlier if required.

Q: Will there be photos/video taken?

A: It is very likely we will be taking photos or videos during the event for promotion purposes. If you have any concerns regarding this, please let us know.

Q: What time do we start and finish?

A: We start at 8:30am. You are welcome to arrive earlier to register, get comfortable and get to know your fellow attendees and Ale. We will aim to end the workshop by 5 pm.

Q: How can I contact Sqr One with any questions?

A: You can call Ale Wiecek or Delphine on 0406 658 854 on or email Sqr One at alewiecek@sqrone.com.au.

Q: How many people will attend on the day?

To provide the most value to all attendees, we have limited the number of participants to 12.

Q: Will refreshments be provided?

A: Yes, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided. Please let us know of any food intolerances or allergies by emailing alewiecek@sqrone.com.au. We will have some light snacks, wine and beer at the end of Day 1.

Q: Why should I choose Sqr One?

Apart from being a cool bunch of down to earth people, who love empathy, people and (let’s be honest) post-it notes, we have worked with large and small organisation solving big problems using empathy and design. Some of our clients include: Urban Utilities, Fox Sports, eHealth, RACQ, ERM Energy, Canstar, cievents, Flight Centre, Queensland Health, SIMPRO, Red Eye Apps, Ladbrokes, NSW Finance Services & Innovation, TransLink and more.

Q: Can I be invoiced outside of Eventbrite?

Absolutely, just reach out to Ale Wiecek directly on 0406 658 854 or email Sqr One at alewiecek@sqrone.com.au to arrange for an invoice.

Q: Do you tailor and run your courses for organisations?
We do. Please email us at alewiecek@sqrone.com.au

Q: What if I need to cancel?

We don't offer refunds; however, you can transfer your registration to a colleague.