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"Design Sprints offer a transformative formula for testing ideas that work whether you’re at a startup or a large organization. Within five days, you’ll move from idea to prototype to decision, saving you and your team countless hours and countless dollars.” —Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup


Build better services and products faster with Design Sprints

Join Sqr One for an introductory workshop on how to run a successful Design Sprint. If you're new to Design Sprints, you'll learn how to uncover new product ideas, validate assumptions, and make better product decisions faster. If you've run them before, this is a great chance to meet with other like minded innovators who like you want to solve customer problems at the lowest risk level.

Developed during his time at Google Ventures, Jake Knapp’s Design Sprint process is a methodology for solving big problems quickly.

You’ll be able to experience the process with the help of our team of experts who have used Design Sprints with Australian organisations. We will take you through all five days of the process, as well as the business strategy and behaviour science behind each of them.

You will walk away knowing what to use for your next innovation before you invest time, money and resources on your next project.

This event is perfect for those who have tried our 3 hour masterclasses but would like to take it to the next level.


You will feel empowered, inspired and ready to take action the moment you leave.

You will have a better understanding of Design Sprints, so you can implement it in your organisation and even facilitate your own workshops.

You will feel confident and prepared to try a few different ideas and be agile in the way you approach your business.

You will understand why creating something meaningful for your patients, customers and employees is important and profitable for your business.


This workshop will cover all five stages of the Design Sprint process, from learning how to map your service and choose a target customer, choosing the right technique to prototype any product or service, to taking your ideas into the real world on the final day of every Design Sprint! We will also cover:

  • What’s a Design Sprint

  • The Design Sprint methodology

  • Day 1 to Day 5; do and don’ts

  • When you can’t use a Design Sprint

  • How to sell a Design Sprint to your team/organisation/boss?

  • What happens after the Sprint?

  • How to summarise Sprint results?

  • How to use an iteration sprint?

  • Advanced facilitation techniques

  • Comms questions and pitfalls across every day of the Sprint


If you are a:

  • Designer

  • Engineer

  • Marketer

  • Startup founder

  • Product manager

  • Executive at large companies

  • Team leaders and manager

Or work in product, UX, design, or marketing, this workshop is a career investment that you won’t want to miss.

No prior knowledge on Design Sprint is necessary, although reading the book may be beneficial. We will use the Design Sprint principles, lessons learned, do’s and don’ts so you can run your own sprint in no time.


  • Sprint preparation guide

  • Facilitators daily checklist

  • User testing recruitment guide

  • Delivery summary template

  • Advance facilitator tools, tips and tricks

"Sprint teaches you a novel process for solving really thorny problems in just 5 days."Dan Heath, co-author of Made to Stick, Switch, and Decisive


Q: Do I need previous Design Sprint or Design knowledge?

A: Not at all. But if you of any big problems your organisation needs solving, then you will benefit greatly from the get go, that is a plus!

Q: What should I bring?

A: Yourself, big smiles and an open mind. Feel free to bring your laptop or iPad to take notes or to use during the breaks.

Q: What time do we start and finish?

A: We will be open for registration from 8:15 am wrapping up at 5 PM

Q: Will there be photos/video taken?

A: Yes, it is very likely we will be taking photos or videos during the event for promotion purposes. If you have any concerns regarding this, please let us know.

Q: How can I contact Sqr One with any questions?

A: You can call Ale Wiecek directly on 0406 658 854 or email Sqr One at alewiecek@sqrone.com.au.

Q: Will refreshments be provided?

A: Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea with be provided. Full breakfast won’t be provided. For any dietary requirements, please emails us at alewiecek@sqrone.com.au

Q: Can I get a refund?

If you cancel 7 days before the event, we will provide a full refund.

Q: Can I be invoiced outside of Eventbrite?

Absolutely, just reach out to Ale Wiecek directly on 0406 658 854 or email Sqr One at alewiecek@sqrone.com.au to arrange for an invoice.


Ale Wiecek

Ale Wiecek is the founder of Sqr One, a Brisbane based Customer Experience Practice dedicated to helping businesses design empathetic products, services and strategies.

Ale’s unique set of skills across marketing, omni-channel, digital transformation and creative thinking has provided her with the tools support small to large organisations that want to be at the frontier of running a social conscious, innovative and empathic business.

Ale holds an MA in Marketing and a BA in Marketing and Communications and has more than 16 years’ experience working for brands such as Siemens, OPSM, Microsoft and Bayer in Australia and the UK.

Ale is also the local organiser of Purposeful CX, a customer experience event for companies and individuals eager to make a difference in the world through design and CX.

A mentor, a listener, a storyteller, a traveller, a mum, a wife and a consumer, and still (just) a millennial, Ale believes in the power of companies to being more empathetic while creating shareholder wealth.

Jean Garez

A seasoned Senior Manager with 20 years of experience in Technology Sales, CX Design and Omni-Channel Marketing for B2B, B2G and B2C in the US, Asia and Australia.

Jean started out in New York studying and working in the field of Consumer Behaviour and Opinion Research. He later moved to Singapore to start an Enterprise Software Distribution business, shuttled between there and Paris, launching French innovation technologies into the Asia Pacific Region. The last 6 years saw Jean slowly leverage the entrepreneurial and management experience gained going to market with a range of innovation solutions, working with Multinational Corporations, focused on innovation and growth. He now guides companies through their CX Transformation Journeys, delivering Actionable Insights and Strategic Guidance through Design Thinking and empirical research.