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We keep your customers AND EMPLOYEES at the heart of everything you do

We take it back to basics (or square one, should we say) and work with you and alongside you in developing connected customer and employee experience strategies that feel right for your organisation. 

We use Design Thinking and Human-Centred Design to empathise with people so we can understand the biggest problems that need addressing and work with you in developing solutions that can be validated with your target audience (aka personas).

Why CX?

CX improves the experiences customers have with your brand across every interaction. CX is a methodology that drives better outcomes for product and service design, marketing, communications and sales whilst reducing investment risk.

CX harnesses customer data and technology to design customer strategy, design better products, services and communications. CX uses a suite of visualisation tools that aligns teams across your organisation and builds a culture of customer-centricity.

Why EX?

In the battle for top talent, especially in emerging disciplines and industries such as tech, a great Employee Experience can often make all the difference – not just in attracting and recruiting prospective employees, but also in retaining top talent. This is especially so for Millennials which are projected to make up at least 75% of the workforce by 2025.

But a more immediate impact is that a poor employee experience is probably already hurting your bottom line. Presenteeism, where your staff turns up to work despite being ill or unengaged, is actually causing a lot of damage to businesses.

In Australia alone, studies have shown that presenteeism has cost businesses almost 45.1 billion dollars last year; that’s 2.7% of the GDP. For a country with no more than 12 million workers, that’s a scary figure.

A company with good EX, a focus on employee’s mental health and personal development are some of the perfect antidotes to alleviate presenteeism as it creates a more engaged workforce. Highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their companies than their engaged counterparts – and it all starts with empathy.

When a company takes time to design a positive EX and co-create it with their team, employees feel more involved in the outcomes of the business and better taken into consideration of the company’s discussion.

Most of all, it creates a sense of ownership within team members which in turn increases productivity. When you feel like you’re part of a bigger mission, you’re more likely to willingly go that extra mile.

Our most popular design services include: 

  • Human Centred Design and Design Thinking Consulting, Training & Facilitation

  • Design Sprints Consulting, Training & Facilitation

  • Customer and Employee Mapping Consulting, Training & Facilitation

  • Value Proposition & Business Modelling Consulting, Training & Facilitation

  • Personas Development Consulting, Training & Facilitation

  • CX & EX Audits