Omni-Channel Transformation – Bayer Animal Health

Driving innovation while being customer focused, was a key objective of Bayer’s Animal Health division. After defining the project direction, the role of digital and its role in pet parent’s lives, we developed an end to end Omni-Channel strategy to transform Bayer Animal Health into a customer-centric business that will satisfy pet owners across digital and non-digital channels and gain market momentum in the industry.

We used a combination of Digital Innovation, Omni-Channel and Customer Experience Design as the main methodologies.

We utilise ethnography research to understand pet parents and be present in their environment. We utilised shadowing and further customer research as ways to further empathise during the early stages of the project. 

During the engagement, we created a tailored internal comms plan to gain momentum across the wider team while providing upskilling to the core team.

We were able to deliver a fully developed Omni-Channel roadmap strategic recommendation and roadmap.


Service Design - ERM Power & Energy Solutions

We were recently engaged to support two separate business units within ERM Power & ERM Solutions in understanding customer needs in order to create a clear seamless customer experience to customers during their onboarding and servicing stages.

We used a combination of Customer Experience Design and Design Thinking as creative problem-solving methodologies.

Both paths provided us with a wide variety of technological and business applications.

We utilised shadowing, one on one ethnographic interviewing and service safaris as ways to further empathise during the early stages of the project. 

During the engagement, we utilised Creative Problem Solving, storytelling and  and co-creation sessions to underline challenges and come up with ideas in which the wider business was involved in creating.

ERM is to this day successfully implementing and rolling out prioritised roadmap across their sales, operations, marketing and product teams.

A CX focus has been brought in to satisfy customer needs and address future Customer Experience transformation efforts and reporting over the next few years.

Initiatives for the onboarding experienced have been rolled out and satisfactory NPS has demonstrated the value in the project and efforts implemented. 


Innovation & Strategic Consulting – Teacher’s Health Fund (TUH)


The Teacher’s Health Fund engaged Sqr One to support them on a Customer Experience Design Transformation project to outline pain points and areas of improvement across their member’s experience after a large and complex digital roll out that affected both customers and employees.

We combined Organisational Design, Employee Experience and Customer Experience Design as the primary design-led methodologies.

The above processes, allowed us to diverge insights and converge our thinking across multi-faceted areas that would otherwise been rather complex to break down into tangible patterns.

While carrying out stakeholder interviews, we understood the most relevant friction points for employees, allowing us to work simultaneously on the EX and CX strategies best suited for project success.

We utilised Design Sprints and digital high-fidelity prototyping to validate a new and seamless online booking for their TUH’s members.

TUH was able to rolled out a wide range of high impact of low effort priorities across their CX, L&D, Marketing, Digital and CX functions while allowing for a business case to be built in order to improve on their CX and EX maturity.

Communications and staff satisfaction scores were also improved, as an outcome of the co-creation efforts brought in during the evolution of then project.

A fully functional high-fidelity online booking prototype was created and validated with users.

You an access TUH’s case study video and prototype build.


Innovation & Strategic Consulting – Department of Housing and Public Works


Sqr One was awarded  to support HPW to carry out 1-1 customer testing of their new Supplier Directory,

The areas of work and objectives included:

•Define customer expectations of government in the digital context
•Assess the online experience against best practise digital useability design standards
•Identify pain points for useability and content which can inform the relevant digital teams

We used a combination of a combination of User Experience, Service Design and Design Thinking as methodologies for this project, specially focusing on:

User Experience Design Methodology. The UXD Methodology is the process of designing physical or digital products that are useful, easy to use and are a delight to interact with. It involves following users’ requests, designing them and testing them on the same users for verification and validation. Testing validates the overall user journeys, experience design and while identifying opportunities for improvement.

As part of the Level AA accessibility standards, we ensured all mandates are meeting these criteria.

In a very short amount of time, we were able to compile, synthesise, and analyse test results and outlining recommendations for functionality and UX improvements.

We consolidated learnings and outcomes in a report format that was handled by Sqr One with observations, insight and recommendations.

The report presentation served as a basis for the wider project implementation initiative that followed as off the new FY year.

The report was able to inform future development of the site, directory and registration process, and to prioritise future investments as well as to inform the project evaluation; as per evaluation criteria.


Contents Insurance Design Sprint – Suncorp


Suncorp, one of Australia’s largest financial institutions worked with Sqr One to prototype a brand-new product offering aimed at targeting a younger and untapped target market.

We guided the Innovation Lab team to frame the product idea by carrying our user research prior to the sprint. This process allowed for the sprint goal to be clear and ensure we knew who this idea was for. 

We utilised Design Sprints and digital high-fidelity prototyping to validate a new and seamless content insurance offering.

A fully functional high-fidelity online platform prototype was created and validated with users. The insurance institution was able to successfully validate their idea and pivot towards the areas users wanted to see.

Capability Building


Over the last 3 years, we have trained teams and change makers across Australia on a variety of topics

•Ethnography Research
•Persona Development
•Human Centred Design
•Design Thinking
•Customer Experience Design
•Employee Experience
•Customer Service & EX
•Design Sprints
•Design in Leadership

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Who we’ve trained

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•Transport of Main Roads
•Smart Service Queensland
•Mater Hospital
•Queensland Health
•Flight Centre
•Fox Sports
•NSW Finance Services
•And more…