Design Sprint is an awesome, fast-paced technique for solving complex business issues

The Breakfast Series: Design Sprints for Employee Experience is a two-hour event designed to teach attendees all of the steps that go into our intensive four-day Design Sprints. We’ll show the audience how to use this technique to design great Employee Experience. A Design Sprint is an awesome and fast-paced technique for solving complex business issues and testing out a new product, experience or service idea.

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The main objective of this event will be for you to learn about Design Sprints applied to Employee Experience

Following up our last event about Employee Experience, we’ll combine Design Sprints and Employee Experience Design for you to walk away feeling confident on how to quickly identify and solve complex EX problems, using Design Sprint methodology.

If you're new to Design Sprints, you'll learn how to uncover new product ideas, validate assumptions, and make better product decisions faster. If you've run them before, this is a great chance to meet with other like minded innovators who like you want to solve customer problems at the lowest risk level.

We will take you through all five days of the process, as well as the business strategy and behaviour science behind each of them.



You will feel empowered, inspired and ready to take action the moment you leave.

You will have a better understanding of Design Sprints and Employee Experience, so you can implement it in your organisation.

You will feel confident to try a few different ideas and be agile in the way you approach your business.

You will understand why creating something meaningful for your patients, customers and employees is important and profitable for your business.

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During this event, we’ll review the 5 steps of the Design Sprint process, applied to Employee Experience.

  • What’s a Design Sprint

  • What is Employee Experience

  • The Design Sprint methodology applied to EX

  • When you can’t use a Design Sprint