Sqr One Bootcamps are two-day events
which focus on theory & application of
Human-Centred Design topics.

The topics include Customer Journey Mapping, Design Thinking, Design Sprints, Employee Experience Design, and so much more!


Empathy Mapping.jpg


The first day we will set the stage by teaching you all about the framework and theory, while keeping it fun and engaging.

The second day we will take your new tools and knowledge and apply them to real-world problems so you can feel confident when applying these tools within your organisation.


what you’ll learn

After two days you will have a deeper understanding of the methodologies used in Human-Centred Design and how empathy is key to customer and employee satisfaction.

You'll walk away seeing your organisational challenges through a new lens, and gain a clear idea of how you can help your organisation or team innovate through whichever framework we covered.


Our Bootcamp Topics Include

28th & 29th of May // 6th & 7th of June
30th & 31st of July
26th & 27th of June