Sqr One shares common ground with Studio Culture. We both work with our clients to help them think broadly about the needs of their customers, creating the kind of meaningful customer experience that keeps a customer coming back - not just because they like your services, but because they feel an authentic, personal connection to them.

Whenever we meet with a new client for the first time, we immediately look for their unique qualities and start thinking about ways to foreground them in the customer’s overall experience.

 It’s important, however, that you have a well-defined idea of what makes your business stand out from the competitors. You need to be sure so that your customers can be, too.

 Go ahead and start implementing these CX hacks and enhance the way your customers interact with your brand now.

Identify your “touchpoints” and optimise them

Particularly when we’re talking about e-commerce, there are specific “touchpoints” that flow throughout your CX. These touchpoints can be anything from the way your web design flows, to whom or what they’re greeted with when they call you - simply, anything that guides the customer through the experience.

To optimise CX, we aim for clear, seamless touchpoints that let the user naturally find what they’re looking for. What we really try to nail, though, is the fluidity between the web design and content.

We design and optimise our content to elicit a positive reaction from customers, every step of the way - because an interaction with any kind of content from your brand is a touchpoint in itself.

What qualities will your content have in order to achieve that positivity? Set yourself some basic criteria. For us, it’s just three things:

  • Simplicity: The customer needs to understand you in simple terms.
  • Directness: The customer needs to be clearly targeted by the content.
  • Usefulness: The content needs to be useful - the customer can go out and do something they didn’t know about beforehand, or fulfill the call-to-action.

Think like a customer, not like a company

Customers now have more power and information at their fingertips than ever before. This can be an intimidating prospect, but with the right outlook, you can take advantage of the uniquely saturated contemporary market before your competitors do.

“Customer experience is defined by the customer, for the customer, at each touchpoint, each time.” - Esteban Kolsky

If you’re not already familiar with his work, check out Esteban Kolsky, CEO of thinkJar. He’s researching the shift away from “company-centric” principles in business - a trend that’s currently having a ripple effect across the marketing landscape. His overall thesis? Companies that embrace the customer’s perspective are resonating much more with the modern day consumer.

Sounds good to us.

Encourage feedback

Making sure your customers have a platform to review their experience is essential. Encouraging them to use it is even more so.

Offer things like rewards and discounts for their taking time out to reflect on their experience. Acknowledge the fact that their feedback is invaluable to you.

When the good reviews start rolling in, think about innovative ways to promote them. These function as completely authentic forms of social proof, so make sure they’re visible for as many potential customers as possible.

We do this by highlighting our social proof on the landing pages of our websites. Emphasise quotes from customers and place them where they can easily be seen - ideally, right next to a CTA button. Respond thankfully and articulately to positive (or even negative) reviews on Facebook. The results from implementing this will surprise you.  

Be relatable

Whether we realise it or not, every customer experience is an emotional one. For some reason, this is also one of the most overlooked components of CX.

You’ve thought about what you want your customers to get out of their experience with you. Next, think about what you want them to feel. Go beyond simplistic reactions like “satisfaction” or “being impressed”. Find an authentic way for your customers to relate to you.

Present your company as a group of individual people, and promote their individual qualities. This is the customer-centric approach that’s going to win over your target market for the long-term and distinguish you from a sea of competitors.

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