Our mission is to empower CHANGE MAKERS and organisations to design innovation with PURPOSE in mind. full stop.

Sqr One is a Human-Centred Design practice based in Brisbane, Australia.

We have worked with clients all over Australia and overseas completing several digital and customer experience transformation projects across private, government, and non-for-profit organisations with the use of design.

Our objective is to enhance the experience of citizens, patients, employees and customers with brands while ensuring we drive a positive impact on the wider social ecosystem.

We have provided consulting services, training and facilitation and have solved a diverse range of Digital, Customer Experience and Employee Experience projects using a Design Thinking framework (empathise, define, ideate, prototype and validate) and applying tools such as customer and user journey maps.

Our work focuses on supporting individuals and organisations embracing innovation and creativity from an ‘outside – in’ approach, ensuring data and insights from customers and users are gathered before jumping into solution mode.

We empathise with people’s needs and challenges, while understanding the role technology, processes, systems and people will play in a coordinated and sustainable approach to satisfy customer needs.

Some of our clients include: cievents, Translink, eHealth, Metro North, TUH, ERM Power, Queensland Health, Urban Utilities, RACQ, Canstar, SIMPRO, Red Eye Apps, Ladbrokes, Flight Centre, NSW Finance Services & Innovation, Smart Service Queensland and more.

Our services range from:

- Organisational Design & Consulting

- Anthropology Research & Insights

- Corporate Skill Mastering & Facilitation

- Public Training & Facilitation

- Online Training & Facilitation




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A letter from Ale Wiecek

Oh Hello!

I am Ale Wiecek, Founder and Chief Empathy Officer at Sqr One, and I am passionate about Human-Centred Design, Design Thinking, Customer Experience Design and just about anything that involves sharpies and post-it-notes!

I’ve been working on Digital Transformation and User Experience for more than I want to admit ( 18 years or so) for multinational organisations across 3 continents (yes, I love to travel!) Now at Sqr One, I am on a mission to bring to Australia my good set of ears and my expertise on topics such as Empathy, Customer and User Experience Mapping, Digital Transformation, and Design Thinking to help businesses and organisations who struggle to innovate with humanity in mind.

I love the colour blue, working out (I am one of those lady warriors at the gym. It comes with age I tell ya!), aprons (even though I am not that good in the kitchen), naps, a good book, music (‘Despacito’ of course), French movies, hot dogs, travel and making my bed (it just sets you up for success). I am a mum of two, a wife to one lovely husband, and spending time with my little family (manic, stressful and adorable all at the same time) is all I want.

Can’t wait to meet you!   

Ale Wiecek, Founder & Chief Empathy Officer