Our mission is to eradicate bad customer experience in the businessES we support. full stop.

Sqr One is a human centred design practice based in Brisbane.

We use insights, data, human centred design and a lot of coffee to strategise on how to better reach your target audience while supporting your bottom line.

Founded with humanity in mind, our mission is to help organisations practice empathetic design so users, patients, customers can feel loved and we can feel satisfied and truly live into the work that we do.

We are driven by the realisation that we can assess, track and transform organisation using empathy, customer experience design and technology while bringing humanity and possibility to all of us.




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A letter from Ale Wiecek

Hello! Iā€™m Ale Wiecek (pronounced Ally Whycheck) proud founder of this humble studio dedicated to help YOU have a serving, loving and more profitable business that makes you and your customers stand out from the crowd. 

I love blue (can't you tell?), aprons (even thought I am not that good in the kitchen), naps, a good book, French movies, hot dogs, travel and fitting 20 minute workouts when I am not too sleep deprived. I am a mum of two (hence the sleep deprivation), a wife to one lovely husband and spending time with my little family (manic, stressful and adorable all at the same time) is all I want. I was born in Venezuela (yep we are famous for tons of Miss Universe crowns but don't ask me why!) but experienced my corporate years in London working for a few cool companies like Microsoft and landed to Australia with promise of good weather. 

Helping small businesses and brands think big, and large businesses and brands think small lights me up. I'm passionate about transforming good customers into great customers and great customers into raving fans, and helping you build lasting and profitable relationships with your customers. Because a world without deep connections, is not worth living.  

Ale Wiecek, Founder & Chief Empathy Officer